Espresso 1 kg


They fall for my Brazilian traits, but stay for my Indian heart. I have a temper, but my sweetness is what puts them under my spell. If you are looking for some peace and quiet you can just avoid me entirely, because if you catch even the slightest glance of what‘s in front of you – you‘re hooked for good. You‘ll beg for my company during breakfast, lunch and sometimes dinner yet if we arrange a late night rendezvous, trust me, I‘ll keep you awake till the crack of dawn. At first you‘ll try to fool yourself by saying that it‘s just a fling and there are no strings attached, while deep down in your heart you‘ll know that ever since that first glance your heart was already set on the one and only Coffee of your life.

Flavour notes: Dark Chocolate, Hazelnut, Walnut

Arabica and Robusta blend

1 kg whole beans

Dark roast



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