Café au Lait 1 kg


I wouldn’t dare to call my passion a habit, however everyone is aware that untouched passion brings out more fury than unresolved habits. That’s why a person close to me should always be the one who can read my desires. I know, you think you are that person and everyone before you thought so, but nobody ever was quite it. My strong character is what keeps me going and helps me find a way in any situation. Everyone falls under my feet and that’s why you are looking at me on the cover and not the other way around. You can’t hide me under some silk foam or whipped cream. I am a coffee that stands out even after you sink me in a huge cup of warm milk. 



Flavour notes: Dark Chocolate, Caramel, Walnut

Arabica and Robusta blend

Created to blend with milk, but tastes just fine by herself

1 kg whole beans

Dark roast


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