How long does it take for coffee to arrive?

For us green coffee takes about two weeks to arrive then comes the roasting and boom coffee is in stock. And when the coffee is in stock it takes about 1-3 days to deliver depending on your location.

How can I track my order?

One way is to hire a spy, but our cheaper suggestion would be simple tracking code, that you receive after a purchase.

What are shipping rates?

Affordable and if you order for more than 35 euros shipping is free.

How can I pay?

Every two weeks big dude would come to your door, just pay him. If you prefer online payment then it can easily be done over Paysera, straight through your bank account.

Where can I buy Real Bean Coffee?

If you‘re reading this, you are at the right place to buy Real Bean coffee

Is it safe to order from you?

Believe me if you like our product you will take the risk. Yeah sure it‘s safe

What is your return policy?

We do that. You can read all about it here http://realbean.eu/terms-and-conditions/

How do I preserve this coffee?

Try to consume it as soon as possible. Don‘t put it in a fridge. Just keep package closed in a dry, scentless place.

How Real is Real Bean?

Very real

How do I get a discount?

Just ask for it.

What if I don‘t become supernatural after your coffee?

You have to believe more.