About us

Coffee beans, ground coffee, coffee for filter and for coffee machine sellers – that’s how people who hear the name RealBean describe us. Nevertheless while saying it one doesn’t seem to notice grin popping up on his face and nice images flashing through his mind. The person doesn’t know it, but it’s all us. Simply because we, RealBean, sell good emotions!

With 10 years of experience in coffee business we know which beans can make you smile and which can make scrunch up your face from sourness. As we roast coffee ourselves we have a power to make the strongest coffee chime in a softest chord and lightest coffee punch you in a face like a brick. Looking after our beans we can keep everything under control, that is the only way to make sure to open them up to the full potential and make it as fresh as possible. We are not lying! Sometimes after ordering coffee you can still feel the warmth inside the package from the roasting.

Our main value is originality, that’s why on the way to get to know us you have to start with packaging. You will fell, that all of our labels have texture, all of our texts have emotion and all of what’s inside has a power to overwhelm you in the best way possible. Other than coffee here you can find handmade cups, coffee makers, supplements, inspiration and only good vibrations.


UAB “Joratas”
Registration code: 304803871
VAT: LT100013110411
Address: Girios g. 14, LT-47338 Kaunas
Mob.: +37067118746
Email: info@realbean.eu