Botanista Cafe 1 kg


Even if we had met earlier, you wouldn’t have known me. The real me comes out in nature. First, connect with that, and then I’ll let you in. You’ll find me barefoot, standing in the grass. Not far from a babbling stream, which, though it’s moving, isn’t in a rush. And I’m not rushing either; it’ll take a whole lifetime to get to know me. But I’m patient; I’ll wait. That’s just how I am – maybe I’m not fancy or super unique, but I’m always the same, like nature: strong, fair, and alive. With me, you’ll walk through muddy spots and beautiful forests, breathing in the trees and blinking in the morning dew. You might think I’m a goddess or even like Mother Earth, but I’m not a fairy tale. I’m real – the purest cup of coffee in your life.

Flavour notes: Dark Chocolate, Hazelnut, Macadamia

Arabica and Robusta blend

1 kg whole beans

Dark roast



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