Moringa powder


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You wake up early and go for a 5k run. Then you take a cold shower and put on clothes that you have ironed in the evening. You feel excited and energized. You come to the kitchen and decide to prepare smoothie bowl for breakfast. You crush various fruit, put some berries on the side and then sprinkle spoonful of Moringa powder on top of your meal. You passionately eat everything while reading morning paper and doing a crossword. You look at your watch and it hits you – from now on you’re different person because yesterday at the same time you were still laying in your bed.



Ingredients: Powder of dried Moringa leafs, no additional substances.
Weight: 150 g


Moringa is a tree growing in Africa, that local people sometimes call “magic tree”. It has 46 different kinds of antioxidants inside its leafs, as well as various vitamins and fatty acids. Dried up leafs are grinded into a powder. We recommend you consuming 2 spoons of Moringa powder everyday as a food suplement. It has grassy taste and fits perfectly into a smoothie, pourage or juice.


Pregnant women and people consuming medication should consult with a doctor before using this supplement.



100 g powder nutritional value:


Vitamins: A – 18.9 mg, B1 -2,64 mg, B2 – 20,5 mg, B3 – 8,2 mg, C – 19,3 mg, E20,3 mg, K – 1,6 mg


Minerals and microelements: Calcium – 1,53 g, Copper – 0,6 mg, Iron – 126,2 mg, Magnesium – 255 mg, Phosphorus – 158 mg, Potassium – 170 mg, Zinc – 3,3 mg, Manganese – 36,5 mg, Sulfur – 0,93 g, Selenium – 11,8 mg.


Nutritional value: 1141 kJ/274 kcal, carbohydrates 19,2 g (out of which sugars 7,4 g) , fat – 0,5 g, protein – 23,1g, salt 0,33g Fiber – 31,1 g