Baobab powder


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It’s one of those mornings where you wake up knowing that it’s going to be rough day. You’ll have to work from dawn till dusk with no time for a break or even a meal. That’s why your breakfast has to be so strong, it would take you through such day. You make yourself double portion of oatmeal, put some fruit in it and then sprinkle few spoons of Baobab powder on top. You eat everything in one bite and feel full already. In fact you feel stronger. At least stronger than the day ahead of you.



Powder made from dried baobab fruits. May contain traces of nuts.
Weight: 150 g



Baobab trees grow in Africa. Local people sometimes call it “the tree of life”. The powder is made from a dried up baobab fruit. The most impressive thing about it is that almost 50% of this powder consists of fiber, which makes you feel satiated for a really long time. It also has a lot of calcium and Vitamin C. The taste has citric notes and sourness. It goes perfectly into a pourage, smoothie or juice.



100 g baobab powder nutritional value


Vitamins: B1 – 0,017 mg, C – 266 mg.



Minerals and microelements: Potassium – 1,98 g, Calcium – 285 mg, Magnesium – 161 mg, Manganese – 0,76 mg.



Nutritional value: 992 kJ/239 kcal, fat 0,1 g (out of which satured 0,1 g), carbohydrats 35,2 g (out of which sugar 25,4g), protein 2,3 g, traces of salt.



Fiber: 44,3 g