How can I make the best coffee at home?

Have you ever wondered what to do to make as good coffee at home as you have it made for you in restaurants, cafes and coffee shops. Is it the coffee they use? Or is it the skills that coffee people develop over the years? Well a bit of both and a bit of none. It‘s actually all about the knowledge. And today we‘re going to share this knowledge with you.

First you have to choose the method that you‘re going to prepare you coffee by. Once you do that, be sure to buy all the components required for such method. For instance if you buy Chemex, consider buying professional scales, a kettle and a grinder. You can make the best coffee only if you have it all.

Then you have to choose coffee. Should it be the best? Not necessarily. It should be proper. By that we mean that you have to choose coffee based on a method you‘re going to prepare your drink by. If you buy coffee roasted for espresso, then it‘s the only way this coffee can be prepared. Roast level is the first thing you have to observe and the main thing to follow for the best coffee cup. Other two things are coarseness of ground coffee and roast date. So basically before buying coffee just fill in three boxes (roast level, coarseness, roast date) to see if the coffee is proper and proceed. Finally when you have all equipment and coffee find the recipe (there‘re plenty on the internet) and follow it strictly. Then after some time you will be able to improve the recipe accordingly to your own taste and enjoy the coffee even more.  Now the only thing that stands in your way to the perfect cup is practice, so get yourself some coffee and go on. If you have any questions write us, we‘d be glad to share more knowledge with you!